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Event idea Sweden

Event idea Stockholm

Stockholm's unique combination of nature and culture offers huge potential for MICE groups. 

Impossible to visit Stockholm without admiring its archipelago with its 30,000 islands, skerries and rocks. Whether you choose a classic ship or a ribboat for the most adventurous, you will be inspired by the landscapes’ beauty. During the stopover in Vaxholm, you will stroll through the charming red wooden houses of the town. Then, after lunch by the water, we invite you to discover a brand new aspect of the city : the modern Stockholm. Hammarby Sjöstad is an eco-district where all aspects of modern life have been thought from an eco-friendly perspective. From waste management to transport, district heating and electricity distribution, everything has been carefully designed.

The gala dinner takes place in an exceptional setting which can be one of the many museums that can be privatized in the evenings.